The wonderful story that led as epilogue the birth of my breeding “Nuage Blanc” took in some ways a start somewhat unique.

One day, a few years ago, a magazine, one among many, one of those that you read just to fill the time waiting for more, one of those that  tell you about a world of distant and bizarre stories, my attention was drawn to an advertising page, inviting me to change phone provider. This advertisement  would  have taken later something  more important than a simple phone call : a beautiful Emerald-eyed cat who was looking at me from the magazine’s glossy image … … … … was the cat of my dreams

A fabulous feline specimen with  bright and fluffy white coat, with light shades of silver that looks elegant and Regal … …

It was love at first sight … but never imagined that, from that day, my life would be surrounded by unconditional love and reciprocal from many sweet white clouds.

That day my life definitely changed forever, haunted by those emerald eyes I decided to know more and I began to know more about the breed, trying to find out about how I can have one for me to love and cuddle …. Finally I succeeded in my purpose … … it was a “Persian chinchilla

Several years have passed since then and my Special feline family has grown, enriched by beautiful specimens, beautiful in appearance and sweet in character and now I can say happy to share my life and my house with them.